H6 - VST Sound installation

I have HALion 6 but am struggling to get all of the VST Soundsets all installed.
When I open H6, I get several error messages stating that various Sound Libraries are not located. (example screenshot attached).

I have not changed the location of the Sound Libraries. Is there a particular order I need to install? Looking at the Download location, I have 13 x 2Gb SDA Download files and number 14 is 900Mb (approx) - does that look right? Should there be more. (see second screenshot)
It looks like its the HS3 Soundsets causing the problem though.
Any thoughts on how to resolve this please?

Many thanks for your help,


Hi again,

So, here’s where I am at:
I have used the Download Assistant to get the full 29Gb Halion 6 package, which is comprised of 14 ‘parts’ - (An Application to start the installation and 13 RAR files)
So, I start the “Part 1” and it extracts all of the 14 ‘parts’ into a new HALion folders in my Steinberg/downloads folder.
Now, when I look in the Additional Content, I can see 132 files which is 28.9Gb.

Can someone just tell me that that is correct please?
At the bottom of all of the VSTSOUND Files, I can see further Windows Installers (Halion Content, Halion Sonic Content, Reverence_Content etc… Do these need extracting and installing too?

I’d just like some pointers before I start please.

Any help/advice is very much appreciated.

Many thanks,


Having really struggled to get Sonic 3 installed so that all instrument sets are recognised, I did this:-

Installed the 14 parts. Once that was done the Halion installer opened automatically and did its stuff.
Installed update 3.1 - ensure the Halion update is done first then the content update (I had made the mistake of doing them the other way round). Install update 3.15.

Go to Library Manager and you can view all installed and managed instruments with their file pathways. For some reason some show as ‘managed’ and others as ‘installed’. I don’t understand that.

Open Halion. You should see all instrument sets in Media Bay. If you click on that you can go to individual instruments, e.g. Raven, Skylab, etc, and their sounds should pop up.

However in terms of loading multis (the bit above where each part loads - the 16 midi channels) I don’t see any. But I am just so pleased to have finally got all the sounds in and recognised that I will save my own multis.

I thought I knew my way around daws and software and the like but I had to have four goes at this before it worked.

Good luck!

Hi there,

Thanks for the reply.
I do see my instruments in the Media Bay, but I seemed to be missing some VST Sounds after installation. However, luckily I have the Cubase 9.5 installation DVDs which contained the missing Halion Sonic files. I copied and pasted them over.
So now, when I start Halion or Cubase, I am not seeing any error messages that files are missing.
I don’t know why they didn’t install in the first place. Hopefully all is OK.

I loved a preset called “Sonny Boy” - found it again now!!!