Hackenslash to the white courtesy phone...

Hi Tony!

I need your cooperation if you have time and space.

Please pm me.


Hi Pär,

I haven’t seen him here in a while. I’m friends with him on FB. You could dnd him there.


How are you? It’s been awhile…


Par! LTNS… how’s it going? :slight_smile:

Hey guys!

Well, basically I’m fine. Diet changes and insights has reduced my sensibility to the point where I can live a little bit freer than before. I’ve been on a quest in South America, living in Ecuador for a year and running a gourmet class, live music restaurant. For a pigs wink we were the number one jamming stage in the area. People came from Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay etc. to be on stage with great musicians.

Now I’m regrouping to finish the project I started 22 years ago. :smiley: I’m halfway thorugh the project which means that I have 55 minutes of music ready of 100. It’s still a musical and I will need to write a dialogue etc. - but the first goal is to lift the best songs for a record release.

I have tried to follow some of you guys from year to year and I know that Mr Hayat is still a bad ass scoring composer. At least a few years ago when I checked in. :wink:

And I guess your RV is up and running, Tom!

And Twilight - KUTGW!

Hope you’re awright. I dropped out of Fakebook since I don’t want NSA to have a record of everything I do. Not that I have anything to conceal… attachingthewirestothetimingdevicewhilelaughingmadly

C’ya guys - P

Speaking of “KUTGW” – I remember your goal to write the musical – glad to hear you’re pursuing that. Also glad to hear that it seems there’s less EM junk to deal with down there where you’re at now :sunglasses: