Had 64 Audio Tracks with Essential 5 and Essential 9.5.30 192 doesn't?

Make an update! You guys got a bad review on zzounds and I’ve not left mine yet. Do you want another? Essential 9.5 is awesome! Live Ritz.

Elements 9.5 have 48 Audio tracks and 64 Midi tracks.
This information is easy to find on Steinberg website and thus no reason to complain about it as you should already know before you bought it.

Also take note that it’s not really same tier, Version 5 is Essential but version 9.5 is Elements.

Both were priced same.

Cubase Essential 5 was 149 Euros when it was released, Elements 9.5 is 99 Euros. What’s noticeable is the OP got the names and prices wrong - which is a red flag for spammers.

Let’s watch to see if they build up their post count a bit and then add a spam link to their profile- this would not be the first time.

I would pay another $75.00 to have the 64 tracks with elements. And either you do or not Steinberg.

Well, you have to upgrade to Artist version to get 64 tracks.