Had A Crash In Quite

:frowning:an anyone see what made this happen ? its need so solid until now -:frowning:

Nuendo 13-2024-06-19-123257.ips (445.5 KB)


The crash is in HALion 4. Do you use it in the project? Do you use it in general? If not, remove HALion 4 component, please.

Thanks for checking , it HALion 4 ? Is thatโ€™s right

I have HALion 7 ( Latest version). I use it all the time I have tons of instance, probably over 100 in my template alone,

I have a bug report with Steinberg with HALion7 crashing and have been told this will be fix on the next HALion release .

I will Add this log to the current bug report, hopefully itโ€™s the same bug which will be fixed