Had a seizure - forgot all - PART II (.vstsound-files?)

OK ok, sorry folks - you just have to bear me and my absolutely stupid sounding questions, but as some of you already know, I suffered a seizure in June this year and I’m completely lost with things as I have forgotten the majority of pretty much everything with Cubase environment.

So - I’m trying to get all my plugins, instruments and all somehow sorted out as all the software “wants” to be installed in a dozen different directories and now I’m struggling with Halion Symphonic Orchestra; The DVD’s that came with C5 installed HSB-files to the designated directory and I noticed that there were some kind of an “update” DVD or whatever to HSO that came with C6. Now it installs the .vstsound files and not HSB files as I assumed.

C6 installation created some .vstsound-files also but the stupid question is:: WHAT ARE THOSE .vstsound -files? Why didn’t HSO “update DVD” - or whatever it is that came with C6 - have HSB-files also?

You have to understand that I’m virtually new to ALL of this stuff. I can only remember some tiny details from here and there but generally I’m learning everything all over again. Or at least trying. So please bear my stupidity and help if you can. There’s more stupid questions coming up soon.


The HSB-files belong as you correctly state to Halion Sonic Orchestra.

The .vstsound:s contain programs for Halion Sonic SE, among these are some coming from HSO. They are trials, but if you already have a licence for HSO then it’s valid for these new programs also, and therefore can be used in HSSE without the time limit.

That is, if I’ve understood everything correctly, took a while for me to figure out as well.


Sorry to hear this. I wish you a complete recovery. I would say there’s a good chance as your writing is remarkably coherent.

Thanks for the replies. I sort of figured it out already. Installing Cubase + all the tools is a complete mess. Especially when doing it like me having forgot how to install them. It’s like I was a whole different person trying to continue from where the “former Tommi” left off.

The seizure didn’t affect my English at all. The strange thing is that while the seizure when I tried to talk I couldn’t understand Finnish at all but only talked English. Go figure!

I’m otherwise healthy now but it’s a drag figuring out all the fancy things about Cubase + the rest of the plugins and instruments etc. But I’m slowly getting there.

And one funny thing. When I started using Cubase “again” I immediately got tons of ideas on how to make it more fluent. I somehow searched the functions that were so self-evident for me and found out nothing. I was like “how can this be so damn glumsy software?”. But I don’t bother nagging about the lack of them since Steiny wouldn’t pay attention anyhow. Well, maybe I MIGHT make up a list of my ideas on making Cubase more fluent, but having not any high hopes about them being realized.