Had a seizure - forgot everything


I suffered from some kind of a seizure in June and now is my first time using the Cubase since I forgot about 75% of my personal history, let alone complicated software.

I remember being totally frustrated with Cubase in last spring and now as I’m trying to learn things again, I don’t wonder why. So difficult to do even simple things anymore.

But for now I would like to know if there’s any kind of a function in Cubase to “calculate” (process) the effects to the audio file. I don’t want to start doing downmixes of individual tracks. I guess that the “Freeze Edits” function might be that but it’s greyed out on my C6.0.4. Don’t have any idea why. I really hope that calculating the active effects onto your audio clip wouldn’t be so damn difficult but I need your help. Nowadays I find it very frustrating even trying to search and read the help files, since my nerves are wrecked. So sad.

I just would like to know why my “Freeze edits” option is grey and cannot be selected. I’m sure the solution is easy but you’ll just have to forgive me out of being a complete idiot after the seizure. Tell me like I’m a six-year old, ok?

Thank you.

I am so sorry to hear that. I hope you make a full recovery (but I know it takes time, and one can never be certain how complete the recovery will be). Anyways, know that our thoughts are with you.
So… back to CubaseLand :wink:
If you wish to freeze your plugins, there are two basic ways…

You could either “Export” the audio, soloing the audio track, then have Cuabse re-import the bounced audio to a new track (that’s certainly the easiest way, even though you say it’s not really the way you want to do it :wink: )… or…

Use the offline processing, from the Audio submenus, “Process” and/or “Plugins”…

Let’s say you have the standard Steinberg Compressor inserted on a Kick drum track, and you have adjusted the compressor settings.

  1. Save the settings as a vstpreset.

  2. Put the Compressor into “Bypass”.

  3. Select the audio clip of the Kick Drum, then go to the Audio Menu>Plugins, and navigate to the compressor plugin.

  4. load the preset you had just saved.

  5. (optional, but recommended)… “Preview”.

  6. if all is o.k. , then “Process”

  7. Now, “Freeze Edits” will become available :wink:.

  8. The original Compressor, inserted on the track, is now redundant, of course.

Hi and thank you for your post.

OK, that’s how it’s done… I was merely looking for something like in my case, as I have plugins active on Inserts slots I would have liked them to be processed onto the audio data, but I guess it is the only way to do it by just soloing the track etc…

I don’t think that I ever did before have in mind processing the Inserts onto the audio track, but I just did some mixing for the first time after 4 months or so and I was like “OK, let’s process this Ozone EQ to this audio material” and right after that understood that “Hey, can this be even done easily?”. It’s like when you have altered the volume level and have the material directed to group tracks and there’s also plugins there active, and all I want to do is to only process the actual plugins in the track, then you’ll have to reset all volumes, bypass all the effects etc…

So it would be a nice feature but I’m not sure if anyone else thinks so. But in this actual mixing project it would have been useful. Anyway I did it by doing a mixdown so my problem is kind of solved but not the way I would have liked it to be solved :slight_smile:

OK, I’ll continue learning Cubase. Very strange indeed… Knowing to have mixed thousands of hours and remembering only about 10% of it all… It sucks but life isn’t always fair :wink:

Thanks and see you!


I completely agree. This should be a straightforward process, IMO. I waste hours every week exporting and pulling audio back into cubase, to the right track, etc.

Yes, I too really wish that each plugin Insert had its own “Print” button (something similar to the Freeze button for VST Instruments). Obviously, if it wasn’t the first slot in the Inserts, then it would also print every plugin above it too (but without printing those below it).

Ok, nice to find out that others think the same way like me. Actually in a tiny, ancient 1MB size software named SAWPlus32 it was featured - if I remember correctly. Or then, I have had some strange dream during my seizure that made me believe that there ever was such a feature anywhere, but it would be great to have it.

It’s kind of stupid that one has to do all this cumbersome volume resetting, bypassing Inserts and Sends and all that when all you want to do is to process the inserts on one track. The Export-Audio-maneuver isn’t the most elegant anyway. And especially when you have to remember (or write down) all the volume settings and re-enable the Sends and the Inserts on all corresponding tracks etc etc etc.

Steiny folks - any comment on this?? How about really utilizing the power of the digital processing by this manner? Would be a great time saver.

@ Tommy
Sending much support and Aloha and hoping for a full and quick

The C6 art work you posted several months back was just beautiful.


Hey Tommy.

I remember some of your old posts that showed you were clearly having a lot of fun learning some of the more advanced features of the software & am very sad to hear of your health problem.

Here’s hoping it starts coming back to you & you get back to enjoying making music & making the most of Cubase.

Take care of yourself & get well soon man…Good to have you back here.

Hi Tommy
Welcome back. You helped me out on one of my first posts and I was wondering the other day what happened to you. So sorry to hear bout the seizure. Hang tough mate, these things take time.

As for your request I fully support it. In logic its called bounce in place (I think)
Some similar feature in Cubase gets a plus 1 from me.

Best wishes for a speedy, full recovery

Hi Tommy - yes I too have missed your posts of late; sorry to read of your recent turn of events… I wish you all the best for a quick recovery and to get back to playing/producing - and posting here on occasion…!

Per clip (or per event) processing, has been raised/requested before I recall - if that’s close to what you’re after. Either way, a big plus one from me too.


So many thanks for all your posts. Almost made me weap… :slight_smile: Nice to learn that I have managed to do some good things and especially that you folks remember me.

My writings might sometimes be “painful” since I’m not a type of guy who would take a manual and start reading - and then I mostly just go and ask and it might be irritating. But this forum is great and having these kinds of replies I like it even better. So thanks again. You made me feel good.

But I’m sure I’ll be soon back on track. Never should be awake for straight 30 hours only drinking coffee… That I have learned!

See all you folks here more often here now. Btw I just posted a question about autotuning software so if you know anything about those, then all the help would be welcome. I’m mixing my friends song and need to adjust the vocals ‘a bit’ :wink: