Had Cubase 8 pro for 3 days and VERY unstable

Hi, I have used previous versions of cubase in the past… pretty much all of them up to cubase 5, since then I have been using Reaper and

blown away by its configurability and stability & love its batch export of regions!, but missing some other features,
Having looked over the features I love the variaudio, hitpoints, tempomap stuff, ability to monitor k14 etc… Also one of the main things was

to use alongside my Softube console 1 for auto naming and track ordering etc, this feature is briliiant (and sorely missing from reaper)

So I ordered a new cubase pro 8 package, and installed on intel based windows 7x64 machine, and then updated to 8.05.
I have found it to be super unstable, random lockups and crashing, some projects wont load after they are saved etc… to be honest its absolutley ridiculous… In the years of using reaper with the same plugins (Slate/Softube/Waves/Eventide) I have had 1 maybe 2 crashes… (maybe!) I cannot honestly remember any crashes… and never had an issue of not being able to load up a project that I had saved.

Yet in 3 days of Cubase 8.05 I have had 30-40 crashes and 2 projects that wont load, they just hang loading .
1 project that was saved with cubase 8 says it was created with cubase v1.x and cannot be loaded lol

Very poor releasing a product thats so unstable, I can understand using 3rd party plugins may cause some issues, but these are the same plugins I have used for years with Reaper and NO issues

Hoping for a Fast major update from steinberg

Join the club my friend…your just another customer who has (like me) fallen into the trap of paying to be a beta tester,
I have so many issues with CP8 that I have just stopped using it, (only just got it to open properly) I think this will run the same as C7…ie it will never get fixed properly and then they will release CP9 which ‘‘will fix everything’’ and so the merry go round will continue…
for some, but not for me…
it’s not my system because C7.5 runs solid.

I completely understand the bafflement and frustration if something like this happens. However, with no intention of trying to be provocative, I really don’t think you can say it is nothing to do with your system. My system in terms of hardware is fairly similar to yours: I have a 2600k slightly overclocked and with just 8Gb ram. Cubase 7.5 runs fine on my system; so does Cubase 8 Pro. There are so many possible conflicts/interrelationships with software and hardware. To progress your hypothesis that ‘it’s not my system’ you/we would need to do more tests and get more information from fellow users.

I take the view that we all need to live with uncertainty when it comes to wanting to have a definitive conclusion about what is causing a problem in our particular hardware/software universe (which is significantly diverse from one user to another). That’s not to say there aren’t problems; I’m just suggesting we all need to be cautious when proposing what is causing the problem or, in fact, what we assert is definitely not causing a problem.

Hope you manage to straighten this out.


Pretty issue free here as well, minus a few hiccups, on 2014 iMac 27" i7 w/32GB RAM OS X 10.10.1

Hope you get it all situated, because I think Cubase is well on it’s way to be a stellar DAW

you are not alone, result of the last win update from yesterday (win8.1, nvidia)

useless crap, went back to 7.5, hope it helped and u feel better yourself at least :smiley:

Hi plectrumboy…I did a complete clean re install of Windows 7 because at first I believed it must be my fault, surely Steinberg would not release something this bad, updated all drivers in MB etc…etc…installed CP8, absolutely no 3rd party plugins, nothing else on my puter,
C7 runs great, CP8…all sorts of probs and not only with the GUI (which for some reason opens at a length of around 3 or 4 meters long and about 10ish centimetres deep and as soon as I touch it, it freezes and I have to force a shutdown.
every now and again I get it to open and the first thing I notice is my performance meter is maxed out, so I can’t figure out how it could be my system really :frowning:
I thin it’s confirmed by many that this is a very iffy release (glad it’s good for you though) and I have lost rather a lot of faith in Steinberg because this release could not have been tested thoroughly because surely they would have spotted a lot of the probs…for instance a lot of people were having problems with the metronome (me included) how crazy is that, how does that get past em…it works now in 8.05 but why was it not right in the first place :question: :frowning: sloppy I think.

and wouldn’t it have been nice if they actually fixed C7.5 properly before they banged out this little moneymaker…

If I had the brains to learn another DAW I’d be on my way…

best to everyone…Kevin

I feel your pain my friend…Kevin

Switch to Reaper and you will be enlightened forever. :laughing:

Boxed or downloaded version? I would look at that first (if C7.5 works as it should) and completely uninstall C8 and then re/download a new version, install that and see how it is. Boxed version might have corrupt disk or the download could have been corrupt.
Does C7.5 still work? (after C8 installation) If not then a defrag might work (but not if you have a SSD). Laptop? (can’t see your specs while typing). If laptop what speed is your hard drive? If it’s 520 then you might need a faster one (or an SSD) with C8. Edit: Disregard, I see you went back to C7 already)
As there are so many happy customers with C8, and even the unhappy ones don’t have what looks like the train wreck yours seems to be, I doubt the fault is completely caused by Cubase.
From here I couldn’t begin to guess what would be the exact cause but I hope some simple suggestions may help.

Hi, oddly, last night i spent 5 hours remixing an old EP done years ago of a friends band recorded using Cubase SX4, firstly loading the project into CP8 removing all old plugins and sends and setting all the channels to defaults, in 5 hours I got through 8 songs and not a single hitch, the only thing different was that I had my motorola Xoom tablet connected with Cubase IC pro… very weird as I would of thought that would cause even more issues… but it was all very very stable. Working with Softube Console 1 and Cubase, and Cubases Mixer I find is far superior to Reaper.

I still don’t trust CP8, especially if I working with a paying client. if somethings a crtitical live recording or time critical project I would likely use the more stable and totally trusted Reaper, but I will continue to keep playing around with CP8 and hopefully figure out what the instability is/was.

just a remark, at home on my laptop it’s working perfectly, it’s also a win8.1 just have a newer nvidia card, it’s a lenovo 510p one, driver is the latest 347.09-notebook-win8-win7-64bit-international-whql, same project file

youre not alone a LOT of people are having issues like this. there are many threads on here

Mine is extremely unstable as well. a lot of the features just don’t work at all

I feel like i essentially gave them an advance of $100 dollars for an upgrade i have not been able to use for over three months now. No acknowledgement from steinberg on the main website or their own forums