Had High Hopes...Disappointed

This is not a rant. I can afford to throw away $50 for an app that is useless to me. I don’t like the idea of throwing away $50, but it doesn’t make me mad and prompt me to type vitriolic nonsense on a forum. So, this is not a rant…

Moreover, my concern is that, after waiting a while to allow for things to develop, there is no news of any upcoming updates. Steinberg seems to be quite silent on certain issues.

So, here goes my non-rant:

As a longtime Nuendo/Cubase devotee, I didn’t think twice about buying Cubasis for my iPad. And, I was delighted that Steinberg had finally entered the iOS field. With Cubasis, I could finally have some serious MIDI and AUDIO recording and editing on my iPad like any other great Steinberg product on my computer, right? Wrong!

The MIDI implementation is hardly useful for anything other than for using the supplied internal sounds, which aren’t really very usable at all. I simply assumed that Steinberg would have this very necessary part of a DAW worked out.

Audio editing isn’t really much better than what I might find in NanoStudio’s sample editor. The whole thing is just almost useless. It LOOKS cool, but it just kinda lays there.

I had such high hopes for Cubasis and what part of the iOS market that Steinberg could grab. Sadly (and I’m truly saddened to say this) I will stick with Auria and look for MIDI implementation soon.

The worst part of it is that, based on my knowledge of Steinberg’s reputation, I told everyone I knew about Cubasis and how cool it was before I even finished installing it.

This is not a rant…

I have said it before, so forgive me for repeating myself…
Yes, full midi is a deal breaker for me too. I too don’t understand how Steinberg cannot implement this quicker given their experience in the field. I still have my Atari 1040ste somewhere and it handles midi no problem but is not quite as portable as this iPad thing I have in my hands.

That’s interesting about Auria. I will be keeping my eye on that (plus I believe it will support multiple outputs on an audio interface).
Again, I would like to use Cubasis as I am a Cubase user, but I will be buying whatever app covers my needs first… i.e Full midi, 16 tracks of audio and multiple outs.
Here’s hoping Steinberg throw a few more developers at Cubasis before their client base go elsewhere. And I mean that in all sincerity.


Stevo… :smiley:

Honestly I love Cubasis , however the lack of
Features is a crippling aspect of this App. I could list
the features but they already know what we
want most. I am seriously looking at its number 1
rival Auria and if they implement full midi this could
be a big point of sale.
Cubasis development team hope you looking and listening
While on this topic what can we expect in next update.

I used Cubase Audio with my Atari Falcon 030 when there was only 8 tracks of audio but it had every midi function you could think of. I too purchased Cubasis right away thinking it was great but was soon very let down. I have made record release recordings and Mastering on Auria. With its 64bit mix engine, pro plugins, smooth clean graphics,time stretching,mastering tools,channel strips by the famous PsP Audioware. You can buy the 24trk version for half price and soon to have full midi, Cubasis would have to re-invent itself to compete with Auria. I entered the Gearfest Puremix Contest with my mix done exclusively on the iPad and only with Auria. I am up against people who use protools and other famous daws. My mix sounds incredible many have said and they cant believe it was mixed on an iPad. I would have liked to use Cubasis but that app just sits there on my screen waiting for something interesting to happen to it so that I can use it. Otherwise it will remain in my dormant music folder as it has since I purchased it.
And No I don’t like giving good money for bad. Even when I buy a chocolate I make sure it’s one that tastes good.cheers.

i’m trying to use cubasis now on my ipad and having crashes after crashes. typical for steinberg. I don’t knot how apple tested this app prior to production. I paid $50 for a big disappointment.
it’s stinky of steinberg to make an app like this , take money from the guys like me and not giving a $hit about it . $50 will not bring me to bankruptcy but I’d rather stick this money up to mr. steinberg through and let him choke .
itune store team refused to refund the money for this piece of crap.


I am sorry that you are having issues with Cubasis.

If you are interested in supporting the development of the app, could you give us more information about the crashes that you mentioned? In what circumstances did they occur? Are you able to reproduce them? Can you try to get hold of the crash logs (see https://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=183&t=32457 for a how-to)?

If we have good information about an issue in the app, we are usually able to fix them quickly (i.e., in the next release).

Thank you and kind regards,

And you didn’t even mention that importing Cubase projects into Cubasis reduces the audio files to 1980’s 16 bit! It could have been the perfect app for ultra portable overdubs etc… But 16 bit! Come on Steinberg, spare a thought for your long-term pro users!

So, this is very disappointing. Come on developer guys! Can you tell us, at least, SOMETHING?

See, we really want this Cubasis thing to work and be as cool as we had hoped it would be when we dropped $50 on it. We’re miffed cuz we are Steinberg users and we trusted and believed. Then, you dropped this crap on us. We just feel duped and ripped off.

I really want my money back…

p.s. Why not respond to the real issues? Frieder?

The moderators on this Cubisis forum could easily be British politicians!
I’ve been asking them when will we be getting 24 bit audio support since the app launched… The first answer was ‘it has been put on the list of feature requests’… The last one was some convoluted answer I couldn’t even understand! Lol… And also, since Apple released iOS 6, ‘measurement mode’ has been available to the developers… This feature allows the high pass filter on the headset input to be bypassed, thus enabling full bandwidth audio to be recorded: http://blog.faberacoustical.com/2012/ios/iphone/finally-ios-6-kills-the-filter-on-headset-and-mic-inputs/
I also requested this crucial (for an audio app) ‘feature’ months ago, which of course, Aruria implemented months ago!