Hair pulling EUCON issue fixed...

My Artist Control has been working like a champion ever since I applied a fix by user AlienArtist (described elsewhere in these forums). 100% rock solid with CUBASE and other supported DAWS.

I had been happily tootling along building a new set of customized CUBASEPRO soft key buttons for my Artist Control for a couple of days. Suddenly, whenever I started CUBASE, EuControl would crash every time I opened a project. I reinstalled the newest version (3.2.1), uninstalled it and installed 3.2, trashed various prefs, restarted, rebooted, did it all over again, pleaded with the gods, etc. Nothing made a difference.

Turns out that the XML file that holds my custom button configuration info was corrupt. When I removed it, all was well…although I did lose all of the work I had done.

Rather than go thru that again (I lost several hours of work), I copied the Cubase7.xml EUCON file installed by steinberg, renamed it Cubase8.xml, and plopped it into the user settings folder for the artist control. Everything is working again.

The EUCON xml file used by the artist control can be found in a folder in ‘HD/library/application support/euphonix/user sets’. If it gets corrupt, remove it and either create a new one or copy a fresh one from steinberg. (Not a bad idea to create a copy to back it up if you have one that means a lot to you.)

The steinberg EUCON xml setting files can be found in HD/library/application support/steinberg/eucon.

Hope this saves someone a bit of trouble!