Hairpin angle adjustment

I was wondering if there is a way to change the way hairpin angles are adjusted. I typically select the hairpin in the middle if I want to move it up or down and this works. However, for adjusting the angle of the hairpin, I sometimes find myself clicking on the box on the left side of the hairpin and trying to move it up or down, but this moves the hairpin vertically as well. I have to drag the box on the right side of the hairpin instead, once the left side is at the correct height. Is there a way to change this behaviour in the preferences so that you can vertically drag either the right or left end of the hairpin to have the angle change?

I suspect the answer’s ‘no’, and I’m wondering if something’s not quite right with this behaviour. I only noticed it for the first time a few days back, but I also spotted that if you adjust the left end of the hairpin using the relevant offset (in the properties panel) the right end doesn’t move.