Hairpin continuation with combined dynamics

For the “appearance of hairpins before and after a text dynamic” setting, the user’s choice currently applies no matter whether the dynamic in between the hairpins is a single dynamic (ex. mf) or a combined dynamic (ex. fp). I’d like to request there be two settings to handle both these situations separately; for my own music, I would not like a hairpin to continue through a combined dynamic but would like it to continue through a single dynamic:

In this example, if I group the right hairpin with the earlier dynamics, it becomes part of the longer hairpin and cannot be individually customized with the “Hairpin shown as continuation” property; disabling this property also separates the left hairpin into two:


I don’t think those two sets of dynamics should be expressed as a single group. If you want to make sure they are at the same vertical position relative to the staff, I’d suggest using Align Dynamics to align the two groups, rather than consolidate them into a single group.