Hairpin cres /dim

Looking at trial version of Dorico and struggling to understand how hairpins work.

If I select a group of notes and click the hairpin button, a hairpin appears in right place. O then select hairpin and type shift D and I get the dynamic pop up. If I enter (for example) “< f” then on playback I get a crescendo to forte. All good so far.

However, If I decide to change dynamics and select hairpin again and type “< ff” another hairpin appears to the right.

Does Dorico “insert” a nee hairpin every time you edit its properties??

Surely must be doing something wrong here??



OK…think I’ve got it…select dynamic at end of hairpin, shift D and change it. Seems to work!

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Just to save @Lillie_Harris some work - I reccomend following this excellent guide:

glad you worked out how to change the dynamic :slight_smile:

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Exactly, if you just want to change one dynamic in a “dynamic phrase”, just select that one. You can also use this command for increasing/decreasing dynamics (e.g. bumping an mf up to f).

And might I also add a welcome to the forum – you’ll find lots of support and advice here if you need it.