Hairpin display with/without instrument filter

I’m noticing something new with the latest update ( Without any filter on, I select all horns, shift+d and type ‘>’.

My setting is to stop hairpins before bar line. If I turn on a filter of just the horns, I get this:

My sense is that it has something to do with filters as well as the last viewable staff when using a filter. Been pulling my hair out trying to “fix” the one on the bottom staff but then I turned off the filter and it was correct.

Oh well…

I suspect, rather, that it has to do with the barline not extending below the Horn section and thus not affecting Hn. 4’s hairpin the same way as those staves with connecting barlines below.

Not that I do not wish, as you do, that the hairpins were identical for the entire selection without manual alteration.

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Hi @derAbgang
maybe you know already (or in this case maybe can be of some help to someone else): there is a global setting in Engraving Options/Dynamics/Gradual Dynamics>Advanced that lets you define that the hairpins should stop before barlines. It applies also on the bottom staves, of a section as in your case:

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Thanks @Christian_R , I mentioned it above that I do have that set to “Do not cross bar line” – hence my post about it not being respected for bottom staff in filtered view.

Oh, now I understand the scenario. Sorry.

In general it’s not a good idea to get fixated on the finer details of how things look in galley view, since many properties etc. don’t take effect in galley view in any case.


I usually don’t, but this one stuck out (no pun intended) as possibly being unintentional.