Hairpin, Dynamics

When inserting dynamics where you have the same dynamic value in a serie of notes ppp<p it looks completely ridicules (See example). How should this be written in Dorico, if I don’t want to edit every singel ppp or p?
Kind regrads
Hairpins ppp<p kopia.jpg

How are you inputting those dynamics? If you show the caret by hitting Return, then show the popover with Shift+D, you can type all of the dynamics in as a single stream, e.g. at the position of the first note type ppp<, then hit Return to confirm the popover and Space to advance the caret to the place where you want the p to appear, then type Shift+D followed by p, then Space to the place where the next dynamic should appear, etc. You should find that Dorico makes sufficient room for all of the dynamics.

Thanks Daniel, perfect. I’ll be back with new issues in the future! Have a nice weekend! /Sten