Hairpin global options


Is there a global option to change the initial or end position of hairpins? (I wasn’t able to find it)

For example, I want to change the end of all hairpins from the first image to the sencond.

Exemplo hairpin 2.png
Exemplo hairpin 1.png

No, there’s no global option for this. What is your desired placement there? Is the hairpin supposed to be aligned with the right-hand side of the notehead, or is it centred on the notehead, or something else? Can you say a bit more about where this placement comes from? Are you emulating the look of a particular composer or publisher? Thanks!

Hi Daniel. Yes, I was asked to transpose some songs from Clara Schumann (op. 23) and in this edition from Breitkopf and Härtel (the first volume of her songs), I think from 1990, all cresc. and decresc. end in the right side of the notehead. I am trying to write as close as possible to the publisher. For me, a global option to change the X and Y of the hairpin would be sufficient. But an option to align left or right would be great. Both options would be excelent :smiley: . I will give you some examples.


Another one.

I already have Er Ist Gekommen as a Dorico file. If you’d like a copy, let me know - I’d be more than happy to send it over (though it needs a tiny correction on the last page).

Hi @pianoleo. Thank you very much. I would appreciate it. Unfortunately it wouldn’t be of much help since I am doing only op. 23. I’ll send my email in PM.