Hairpin not appearing

I’m inputting “f>p” in the popover, and the hairpin is not appearing. See graphic slice please. How can I get what I’m looking for?

There’s no picture attached, but I imagine it’s because there’s not enough horizontal space for the hairpin to be displayed. You can insert a note spacing change at that spot to increase it, or manually change the note spacing in Engrave mode.

Sorry, fixed the image.

I feel like this is a bug that should be fixed. Not having enough space for a hairpin to fit should trigger Dorico to stretch out the spacing in order to accommodate all the necessary info - as opposed to preserving the current spacing at the cost of important musical information.

Thanks dankreider!

I can’t see your slice on Google Chrome. Not your fault… it’s a graphic export thing.

Yeah I agree.

I added some space and it fixed it! Thanks. I think the problem was made worse by the fact that I needed f>p to fit in one single quarter-note

This problem was discussed relatively recently in this earlier thread. As I said there, we know about the problem and it’s on our backlog to be fixed.