Hairpin on Long Note

A hairpin under a whole or half note is pretty common and idiomatic to timpani and suspended cymbals.

I wanted a suspended cymbal hairpin and couldn’t figure out how to do it–although I am sure I have in the past–because Dorico didn’t have a final note to which it could attach the final dynamic or the end of the hairpin.

I had to use tied notes, but that still doesn’t take the cresc. to the end of the note. How is this done? Thank you.

I did this finally by tying and untying notes, but I had trouble with it.

Here it is with tied notes:

Sorry @konradh but I’m a little confused about what you’re after but aren’t getting. Is there something wrong with your first image?

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I’m pretty confident that if I select the whole note, shift D, f<fff enter, I get the exact same result… That’s one of the things Dorico does so well…


If your dynamics aren’t at the position you desire, you can always press Shift+Alt+left/right to shorten or lengthen the range it spans

The other way to input dynamics - and the one I use - is to use the popover. You can input the opening, gradual and final dynamic at whatever rhythmic position you wish:

I will try Shift+D.

What’s wrong with the first image is that I don’t kniw how to recreate it. I tied and untied notes and messed around, but don’t know the exact procedure that finally worked.

If Shift-+D works, no problem.

It does. I just tried it.

Works great on whole notes, but not as great on half notes. It’s fine, though. Thanks, all.

In what way?

It probably depends on the horizontal space available… That is something that you can change using note spacing changes or by choosing manually the system breaks :wink:

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Good thinking