Hairpin placement after selection

As you can see from the image, I select the bracketed group then shift+d <
Screenshot 2024-05-22 at 8.50.09 AM

I know I am getting old, but I have always seen the hairpin stop at the end of the group selected. If I select, then shift+d <f, the hairpin stops correctly.
Screenshot 2024-05-22 at 8.54.01 AM

Was a new setting introduced in the latest release that fiddles with this behavior?


Yep! Well, a fairly recent release, anyway.

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Sneaky little setting. I’m usually pretty diligent about reading release notes but I clearly missed this one.


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I’d like to add (though this topic is resolved) that default behavior changed significantly. Below you’ll see 3 situations with the option set to end gradual dynamics at start of last note:

  • select group, shift+d < - works as expected
  • select group, shift+d <f - changed behavior and unexpected. Previously, the forte would be attached to subsequent note
  • select group and next note, shift+d <f - static dynamic placed correctly but gradual dynamic still spans further. (I understand because the end of the selection is, indeed the last dotted quarter)

… kind of a big behavior change as well as a change to the previous default.

Can you tell me with which version this change was made?


This setting is about what you, as the user, want to be the end of the selection.

If you have the setting so that dynamics end at the last selected note, what that means is the beginning of that note (its left edge) is the end point for the dynamic.

Conversely, when the setting is deactivated, the end point for dynamics is the far end of the last selected note (ie its right edge).

When a gradual dynamic has an immediate dynamic at the end of it, Dorico knows about various placement conventions for where that immediate dynamic (e.g. f) needs to go; and the correct positioning of that final immediate dynamic can therefore affect the graphic appearance of how long gradual dynamics are. But underneath, they still have a rhythmic duration.

This setting gives you the option to control whether, based on your original selection of the first 3 quavers:

  1. the <f ends on the 3rd quaver
  2. the <f ends on the dotted crotchet, ie the rhythmic position immediately to the right of the full extent of your original selection

And no, I’m afraid I can’t remember which version this option was introduced in.