Hairpin placement under a single note

Can someone recommend the easiest way to achieve this, please?
If I input both hairpins, via SHFT-D, I cannot manipulate the combined image to size and place it where I want. If I use two different images, it can be done, but takes a lot of effort in Engrave mode.
Many thanks!


I’d enter just one as 2 separate hairpins. Edit in Engrave (at high zoom and with the crosshairs this is quick). Then copy/paste into the other parts (use the old fashioned ctrl-c, select all other notes, ctrl-v and it’s just 3 clicks)

A single <> dynamic is a messa di voce, which behaves differently than two separate hairpins.

For such a small dynamic indication that’s also centered on the notehead in the source, you could think about creating a custom playing technique that comprises the relevant glyphs.

The Bravura font already has a <> glyph. Just add it to your playing techniques. Don’t know about playback, though.

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