hairpin shortcut assignment possible?

I searched for it, but cannot find it. Is there a way to assign a keyboard shortcut to the hairpins? I am using a keyboard from Rapoo, and even though it has the correct symbols on a key for the hairpins, they don’t work. Nor does any kind of key-combination. So instead I have to select the hairpins from the side panel all the time.

Select the note(s), then use Shift-D and < (or >)

The problem is that the < (or >) symbols don’t appear when I type those keys. These symbols appear instead: §°
However, in a flash of insight, I typed these keys on the keybaord, and yes… now these symbols apear: <>

I should have thought about this earlier… :stuck_out_tongue:

Which makes me wonder… Where did you type these things before, if not “on the keyboard”? :confused: :open_mouth:

Estigy, I think what Andre is saying is that he tried typing the keys that are supposed to give the weird squiggly s and the degrees symbol (harmonic) as shown in post #3, and they actually give < and >

Exactly :wink:

Well, I find it strange, and I’m happy to have my <> working on my keyboard.
Of course you might change the.json file, but I would like to know what made Dorico’s team not assign those shortcuts for your keyboard!

I suspect that Andre’s problem isn’t anything to do with Dorico, rather that the layout/language of his keyboard doesn’t match the layout/language that his operating system is set to.