Hairpin Under Tied Notes

Desired end: Sustained notes on basses to increase from p to mf while held.

I put p under the first bar.

Then when I tried to put mf under the third bar, Dorico changes the first bar from p to mf.

It doesn’t matter whether I add the hairpin first or not, Dorico will not let me add a dynamic to the third bar. It just changes the dynamic of the first bar.

I can add a hairpin, but I can’t indicate the final dynamic.

What I am trying to do is not unusual. What’s the solution?

(It shouldn’t matter, but these are divisi basses.)

  1. Select the whole tie-chain and press U to separate the notes.
  2. Add all dynamics you want.
  3. Select the notes and press T to tie them again.
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@Michele_Galvagno1 , Thank you very much!

I am not clear why Dorico requires that, but at least I know now. :slight_smile:

You can also go into note entry mode (Ctrl-N) and navigate to the measure and beat you want the dynamic, then press Shift-D to add the dynamic. (While in note entry, Ctrl-right or left arrow is a fast way to get to the start of the next/previous measure).


Wouldn’t it be easier to place the dynamic with the caret?


Yes, but it all depends from the order in which you do things.
Once you have tied the notes, you may insert dynamics with the caret but you may need the extra step of changing grid resolution to ensure the hairpins do not overshoot.

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I did not know about or think of using the caret. Thank you.

As I have worked on this piece, I have discovered a few other quirks with tied notes.

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It is well worth reading and understanding every bit of this manual page:


Thank you. I will study that.