First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you.

My question is about Hairpins. I enter hairpins but I want them not to start directly under the notes , but little bit more right to the notes.
Is there the possibility to set this global ?



By a “little bit more right” are you talking only of positioning, or do you actually want the sound change to start significantly later.

For example, one can begin a hairpin partway through a tied not by positioning the caret where on wants to start the hairpin.

On the other hand, if this is a question only of positioning offset, one might use the same technique but temporarily set the rhythmic grid to the smallest possible note value to use as an offset.

Is exactly what I wanted

You can do this for existing hairpins by moving and/or lengthening/shortening them.

It would sometimes be useful to be able to set the rhythmic grid resolution to hemidemisemiquaver.

While notes of this duration are relatively rare, demisemiquavers aren’t at all uncommon (and are sometimes used throughout a piece) and it’s often helpful to work at double the resolution of the shortest notes when editing dynamics.

Am I right in thinking that there’s no way to set the resolution to anything smaller than a demisemiquaver?

Yes, you are correct.