Hairpins corners, irregular design?


Is this normal with Dorico 3.5? both app and pdf display abnormal corners. Or maybe because the hairpin is too short?

No, definitely not normal in my experience. Do you have Properties/Flared End checked? What are your Flared End settings in Engraving Options/Dynamics/Flared End Design?

Fred, I think this happens only when the hairpin is too short, when the hairpin is elongated the corners turn right. Actually, it’s not a big issue, it’s ok.

I can’t seem to reproduce that even when really short.

If I use a flare width of 0 and flare height of -1/32 I get closer to your results.

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here are the defaults:

I still have the same shape:

Ok, you’re using Messa di voce hairpins there, right? I can reproduce that too with that selected.

Perhaps this is done to make the gap more visible at normal printing sizes while keeping them as close as possible? I’m not sure what the convention is here, but it does look odd to me too when zoomed way in.

I think the messa di voce default gap is too small, anyways…

Yes Dan, I thought the same, but it’s ok, one can truncate this under Ai.

Thanks for reporting this. This is a little bug caused by messa di voce hairpins being drawn as if they have flared ends, which they cannot. We’ll make sure this gets fixed for future versions.