Hairpins do not erase barlines

Hi all,

I’m preparing a score and parts for a Piano Trio I just finished writing and I’ve run across some hairpins in the piano that cross barlines. Even though it isn’t standard practice, I’d like the hairpin to erase the background when running across a barline, but selecting “erase background” on the properties panel won’t work with barlines. I’m sure this is the way Dorico is set up, according to notation conventions, but it would be great to know if anyone knows of a quick workaround. And, if in the future the Dorico team can add a way to do this natively that would be great, too!


I’d imagine you could put an empty text object under the hairpin, and set the text object to “erase background.”

That’s a good workaround. I’ll definitely try it out. Thanks, Julian!