Hairpins in a portion of a bar repeat region

I’m having a terrible time trying to attach hairpins to portions of a large single bar repeat region. I can’t select a portion of the region to attach the hairpin. If I attach it to the entire region I can’t drag the start/end handles. Moving the start/end handles with the keyboard kind of works, but it’s incredibly slow. I don’t recall having this problem in the past, so I’m wondering if there’s some technique I’m forgetting about and can’t dig up with google or forum searches.


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The technique is: the caret. You can enter all sorts of notations at precise rhythmic positions, regardless of whether there are notes there.

It can be difficult to adjust hairpins after they are made, because they want to snap to notes. So create them using the caret and you can do whatever you want.

That works for many dynamics, but not for hairpins.

The hairpin won’t appear at all until you either hit Space to give it a duration (specifically the duration that corresponds to the selected duration or rhythmic grid resolution) or advance the caret with the arrow keys and then end the hairpin with Shift-/ (?) (or type Shift-D and then a dynamic such as p or f)

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Ah, thank you