Hairpins in Vocal Parts

By default hairpins should be above the stave in vocal parts. When I try to shift a hairpin to the top of the staff, I find instead that the vertical space between the staff it’s attached to and the one below expand and keeps expanding the more I try to shift the hairpin. There must be a way to achieve the solution I’m after.

Click on the hairpin (select it) check its properties in the bottom panel (I assume you are in engrave mode) and check that position is “above”. No need to drag.


but on vocal staves the dynamics go above by default…?

No, I think the default is under, for all staves. It could be useful though to have it above, when there are lyrics.

No, Dorico correctly positions dynamics above vocal staves by default. If you’re not seeing that, then you’re not using proper vocal staves, and you should use the Change Instrument feature in Setup mode to change the instruments held by your players to proper vocal ones.

Thanks for that indication, Daniel.

Actually, I had to move those dynamics in XML imports, NOT in scores created from scratch in Dorico. Once again, you have done the job perfectly :wink: