[HAL-1276]Halion 4 and 5 crash in Bitwig

I own Halion 4 but I cannot use it in Bitwig. I tried both the 32bit and 64bit plugins, and then I downloaded Halion 5 trial, and all of them crashed in Bitwig.
Any thoughts?

PS: I posted this topic at KVR forums as well, and somebody said that Halion is a VST3 plugin and Bitwig doesn’t support VST3. But, from what I know, Ableton Live 9 doesn’t have VST3 support either, and Halion runs perfectly in Live.

HALion does come in a VST 2.x version but you need to make sure you are USING that version in the host. Make sure you have installed the 2.x version and that you are pointing Bitwig to that version AND ONLY that version.

Thanks jaslan.
The problem is that in my VST plugins folder I only have one .dll file. I suppose that’s the vst3 version. Do you know where I might find the 2.x version of the plugin?

I honestly don’t know if there is a separate installer or just one installer that asks which version(s) you want to install. Sorry I can’t be more help. Perhaps try running the installer to see if there are any options.

Yesterday I installed Halion 5 but I’m sure it didn’t ask me to select a vst version.

The problem is known to Steinberg and Bitwig. The problem should be solved, but how long it will take, no one knows.

For what it’s worth, if the file name ends with DLL it’s VST 2.x. If it ends in .vst3 it’s a VST3. Also, VST3s aren’t installed in your VSTPlugins folders. At least on Windows, VST3 files usually go under C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3 or in a VST3 folder inside your Cubase install directory (only for plugins bundled with Cubase).

So it seems like all I can do is wait for an update. :frowning:


this is still an issue that needs looking at, Halion 5 is still crashing in Bitwig Studio :frowning:

…and have you contacted Bitwig?

Yep, they said they’ve informed steinberg but steinberg simply haven’t bothered responding. Kinda like my email to steinberg support about this, totally ignored, no reply at all :frowning:

Just spoke to Dom at Bitwig who said they’re still waiting for a test version of Halion 5 from Steinberg since last year :open_mouth: Come on Steinberg

Please do so and I go away :wink:

Please don’t go away and sorry that we haven’t responded yet. We are investigating and as you can see, this topic now has an ID assigned to it.
At the moment, we are also trying to find out who they had been in contact with.

So, after almost a year !!! someone from Steinberg finally bothered to reply to this thread.
The implication of Steinberg’s tech support on this forum is beyond lame.

Or perhaps the reason was that there were other issues that had a higher priority. I could be wrong but I don’t think helping another DAW company troubleshoot their software was high on their list and I don’t see reports of Halion crashing in other DAW’s.

There’s a small update on this issue. We have been in contact with Bitwig and it looks like they will have to address this from their side.

That’s pretty sad.

If I were the Bitwig CEO, I wouldn’t dare sit there and wait a year for any ‘test kit’! I’d stronly consider some sort of disciplinary action and training for any managers that did wait that long before ‘following up’! I’d probably get “Dom” away from the public contact points for a time as well.

I’d put someone that speaks whatever languages are necessary on an airplane to wherever they need to be so they can get the issue sorted!

In this particular case, you’re looking at two or more different versions of a product that are working well in other DAW systems. You’re also looking at products from the company that OWNS, controls, and sets the VST STANDARD.

Even if Steinberg was fundamentally wrong on some aspect of this particular issue…when it comes to the VST protocol, they are the Godfather company. It’s important enough to GO IN PERSON and humble myself to the Godfather to get whatever is needed to fix my product.

I’d be thinking something like…“Like it or not…Steinberg is obviously heading in some direction with VST that I need to be PREPARED for if my company is going keep building products around this protocol that will satisfy my clients and compete in the marketplace.”


Any update on the status of Halion 5 & Bitwig Studio ? Are they working well together, or are BWS users not able to use Haion 5 yet ?

Hope it’s been fixed.


I just tested it with Bitwig 1.3 and it seems to be working now.

Hi Kta,

That’s good news ! I’m still on BWS 1.2

I guess it’s a good time to update to ver. 1.3

Oh, so far I’m loving BWS, although it has quite a bit of maturing to go through. It has Fantastic Workflow, and GUI to stare at for hours. and so far has been super-stable for me.