Hal 5 installer uninstalled Hal 4 - Please Help!

My colleague and I both use HAL4 in every single track we do. I just so happened to get HAL5 licence on a grace period but never acted on it since he doesnt have hal5 and we need to be able to constantly swap cubase projects.

The other day I was curious and decided to check out HAL5 since I had the license for it. The first thing the installer did was to uninstall Hal4, which is a major problem for me. My colleague can open the projects i make using hal 5 fine, but none of the instruments are there, and even if i save the program list he still is unable to load it in hal 4. I´m talking about simple one-shot homemade instruments, none of the new Hal5 instruments.

To top it all off, the Hal4 trial/full download link is nowhere to be found. The official Hal4 trial link sends me a dead link in the email and the hal4 download page only gives me updates.

So what I need is a download link for Hal4 full/full trial version, or a better workaround so I can get Hal4 back up and running and continue with my work.


Ok, I found an old halion sonic to halion 4 upgrader on a external hard drive which did the trick. I´d still really like to know if there is any way to use both halion 4 and 5 at the same time, Halion 4 didnt show up in the VSTi list until I uninstalled Halion 5…

Any help would be greatly apprecited!