Hal 6 Upgrade From Hal 5 - Does This Remove Hal 3?

I read on another thread that Steinberg support can facilitate allowing Halion 5 run after the upgrade to Halion 6, but could anyone please confirm if a Halion 6 upgrade would also remove a Halion 3 licence from the eLicenser?


I answered my own question. I moved the Halion 3 licence to another dongle, then did the upgrade. Post upgrade I moved the Halion 3 licence back and all is working.

Just need Steinberg support to replace my Halion 5 licence now.

You could have even kept it on the very same dongle. If you have HALion 3 as a separate license, it won’t be touched by the HALion 6 update. The H6 update just replaces the HALion 5 license on your USB.