Hal Leonard acquired by Muse Group

The landscape is shifting…

Great article overview - covering music notation tools/companies, publishers, software, tech, education, online solutions and more… Oh, and some big (user) numbers…
Muse Group acquires Hal Leonard - Scoring Notes

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Very interesting. I use a ton of Hal Leonard publications, from manuscript paper to fake books, etc., etc.

I think this is one of the first times where I have not been frightened by a corporate acquisition.

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Mmmmm … did you see what they tried to do with Audacity? But hey, let’s be optimistic … good old Hal, thanks for the memories!

No, actually. What did they do, or got a link to an article?

Well, as they say, “it’s complicated”, but open source contributors (the people who write the code and generate the value, but demand no fee) can get very upset when someone “buys” a product they’ve worked on and immediately implants usage tracking code.

Well I went down the rabbit hole and read and read.

It does look like they have managed to “own” the code in the sense that they can use the code in other projects, apparently in proprietary and commercial products.

Interesting. I wonder how this will affect the Hal Leonard / Groove3 situation.

Press Releases - Hal Leonard Acquires Groove3 | Hal Leonard

Press Releases - Hal Leonard and Groove3 Announce Strategic Partnership | Hal Leonard

Actually telemetry is completely a legit strategy to find out how your customers are using your product in order to focus on most-widely used features, make decisions about pruning features that have a cost to maintain, but provide benefit to no users etc etc.

As long as it is deidentified and opt-in there’s nothing wrong with it, and in fact the users can expect to see more focused development that should benefit them more directly in future.

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