Half-dashed slurs over a system break

I am getting the following behavior for a single half dashed slur that goes on to the next system. Is there a way to make only the end or beginning of such a slur dashed, other than using two slurs?

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I haven’t tried, but can you set the style of each ‘half’ separately in Engrave mode?

I would love it if there was a middle node in write mode that would allow us to place the transition point. I use half-dash slurs a lot and sometimes nudging the middle handle in engrave is not sufficient to get the desired results.

Both parts of the slur are selectable for shaping, but changing the style of either part affects both.

Done as two slurs, the middle handle allowed me to shape the dotted part of the second slur well enough, I think, but if the slur were longer, this wouldn’t work and handle(s) to control the dashed part(s) would be be a great addition, as Romanos said.

I also tried adding a second segment to the slur and changing the style, but that had the same issue. Some editorial slurs contain several parts with some solid and some dashed. Perhaps the best solution would be to be. able to assign different styles to each segment of a segmented slur.

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