Half-dead after about 12 hours

My PC has 64 GB of RAM and is not underpowered in any other way. When I have been working with SL11 and use another program in between, I naturally leave SL in the taskbar. It can rest there for up to 12 hours. Unfortunately, I have now noticed several times that the program’s GUI functions still work, but the PLAY button has no effect. The play button turns green, but the cursor does not move. No sound can be heard.

Try going to Edit > Preferences > Device and hit the Rescan button there, then click Ok.

Thank you, I will test that

I have seen this too, but I haven’t been able to reproduce it. I think it may happen after Unmix Song, or possibly Unmix Crowd Noise, when the file is over about 20-40 minutes long (which could take over an hour in Extreme mode with the current 11.0 release).