Half (double) duration (start) bugs

Hi Dorico Team and user base,
I am really happy that with 1.2, the half/double note Duration Feature has arrived. I already had a Piece of Music which had to be converted completely from 3/4 to 12/8 (4bars > 1 bar), so I tried it out. It mostly works well, but it seems to have obvious Problems with

  1. slurs (often one note too Long)
  2. text lengthening (not sure of word, I think of These: lines_____)
  3. the correct positioning of second+ voices which begin/end during the Piece (hidden Rests of begin/end voice seem to be not converted)
  4. tuplets (Position and note values)

I suggest collecting the Bugs of this (quite complicated, if you think about it) Feature in this thread (I’ll add them and solutions to the first post as new come up).
If you need direct example, feel free to ask and I’ll upload a part of the work.

Thanks for your help and any further information, workarounds and so on.

PS: Please excuse my random capitals which were added by Windows 10 auto correction in German system language. Any help to deactivate this is appreciated, too. :wink:

Thanks for reporting these defects, Waldbaer. They’re all very much in line with how this feature would be expected to work at the moment, and there is more for us to do in this area in the future.

I am on Mac, but googled this for Windows 10:

Type > autocorrect > in your Start menu, that should display the shortcut to > Autocorrect misspelt words > in your System Settings.

Turn off the switches

@k_b: Thank you for the hint! I’m mostly on a mac, too, that’s why I did not find this one until now. This post should have much less unwanted capitilization… it seems to work.

@Daniel: Thanks for confirming these issues. Do you have any kind of workaround for one of them other than correcting every single occurance manually? E.g. maybe there is a way to globally reset/redraw the lines of #2 (I did it just going through the lyrics with left/right arrow keys and retype the space where a line was wrong)? Especially #3 is quite confusing and difficult to correct manually, it would be great if it was fixed soon. #4 is maybe a little more complicated, depending on how tuplets are handled internally.
Anyways, thanks at your team once again for this BIG update and also this new feature, even if it still needs some work!