Half / Double note durations

Dear People,
I am trying to double the duration of my notes, but because there are a lot of different bar numbers, everything is completely in chaos after. Is there a possibility to also double the duration of all bars (e.g. a 3/4 Bar becomes a 6/4 bar)?



  1. Make sure Insert mode is switched on .
  2. Change you time signature (shift-m 6/4)
  3. Select all your notes.
  4. Write>Edit Duration>Double Note Duration

(Note this will not work if there are tuplets around)

Hi Janus,
thanks for the fast reply. Unfortunately it is a very long piece with changes of bar numbers everywhere - do I really need to extend ALL bar numbers (and all length of expression, e.g. trills, dynamics, slurs) manually?

Grid attached items (dynamics, text) will all have to be moved manually, but slurs and ornaments should adjust automatically. Tuplets really complicate things.

I would (probably) just bite the bullet: make a copy of your original file - engage insert mode - delete all time signatures - extend all durations - manually add back new time signatures… Dorico will happily keep track of all this!

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