Half note single tremolo with four dots above . . . in Dorico?

Could someone please tell me what this is and does it exist in Dorico and if not what the Dorico equivalent would be. From other web search I’m going with half note divided in eighths played staccato.(?) It’s on a violin part.

Tremelo Four Dots Above

Do you need it to playback correctly? If not, then it is quite easy to achieve. You would need to create a custom playing technique that would display four dots, and add a single tremolo using Shift-R, 1.

I am on my phone and can’t link to it at the moment, but just Google “Dorico Custom playing technique.”

Thanks Dan. I’ll check it out.

Yes, it is useful shorthand, from the Classical and Romantic period (e.g. Beethoven, Leonore III Overture), for four staccato eighths. It saves space in score and parts.

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