Half notes over moving quarters in piano part

For the sake of ‘easier to read,’ I would really like to see that B and D as half notes, while the A moves down to G in the right hand of this piano part. When I put the B and D into a different voice I get it, but I also get a lot of rests that I don’t want to see either.
Anybody know how to do this?

Putting those notes in a different voice is the correct approach. Then select the passage (or just the relevant rests) and go Edit > Remove Rests.

Thank you pianoleo, that did it! I would like to request someway to make that a default so it would save the extra time of going back over piano parts to fix each instance individually. :wink:

The default correct way is to just enter different note values into different voices. That is the purpose of the voices functionality.


If you set up shortcuts for changing voices and removing rests, it really does go quite quickly. As I recall, once a new voice has been created (say, Down-stem Voice 1, in addition the the original Up-stem Voice 1), simply select the note(s) to be changed and press “v”. If you have more than one additional voice created, I think that pressing “v” cycles through each one until you get the one you want.