Half of the first page is empty layout, how to fix?

Help me out here folks, half of the first page is empty, for the rest of the pages, I got 2 frames per page (hope I’m using the word correctly), but on the first page, there is only one, how do I fix it? the last page can only have one no problem, but not on the first page yo, lol

As to why: Dorico’s calculated the heights of the first two systems and has determined that two won’t fit on the first page. Maybe that’s wrong, because there’s a feedback circle of the width vs height of systems and at a certain point Dorico has to make a call and cast the music off. So –

How to fix: a number of things could factor in, but perhaps start by reducing the “Ideal Gaps” for the layout in Layout Options > Vertical Spacing (really these are “minimum” gaps as Dorico will always add space on top for notes extending beyond the staff, dynamics etc).

Also this is a very relevant video for you:

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Also, it might be that you do not need the first page template. Try Layout options>Page Setup>Flows>Use ‘first’ page template>Never
(The first page usually has extra text on it for Project Titles etc. This steals space from your music)

Thanks, but didn’t fix it tho

Thanks, but didn’t work

This is what i meant

If you attach a copy of your Dorico file that would allow experienced users or team members the opportunity to investigate what is happening and offer suggestions.

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Or at least please show pictures with signposts turned on. It’s impossible to say from text or such a picture what is going on. Do you maybe have a frame break in bar 4? Is your music frame on the first page too small?
We need to have sufficient information to help you out here, else it’s just guessing, which will be frustrating to everyone, especially you if you receive unhelpful information.


Have you by any chance set a fixed casting off of 2 systems per frame, and left the option “Scale number of systems by frame height” activated, meaning that if the music frame on p1 is smaller than the one on p2, Dorico will knock one system off your fixed casting off setting?


Thanks Lillie!

Thanks for the reply, already fixed it.