Half of the page blanck

I wrote a piece for strings and harp 72 bars long, and in engrave mode and in print mode Dorico put 1 instance of the score on the top half of the page and leave the second half empty. I can’t find how to put 2 instance of the score on the same page to avoid having 30 pages of this small pieces to print. Thank you.

Hi Matbab!
Reduce space size (rastral size) in Layout options > Page setup (shift-cmd-L), or change your vertical spacing (still in Layout options). There simply is not enough room for Dorico to put two systems per page.

as an alternative you can (in Engrave Mode) select the first note/item and the last bar of second page (while holding Ctrl), then select Menu - Engrave - Format Music Frames - Make into Frame. (I’ve changed the keyboard shortcut, so I can’t say what the default was)
This would have to be done for every page you want 2 systems on, so Marc’s solution might be better.
Justed wanted to point out the alternative.

Another option is to go to the Staves and Systems page of Layout Options and tell Dorico that you always want two systems per frame, then insert frame breaks if needed on pages where two systems really can’t fit. Reducing the ideal gaps on the Vertical Spacing page of Layout Options is another good approach: you can usually set smaller values than you might otherwise use because vertical justification will still pull things further apart.