Half of tracks do not playback

After performing fine for months, many audio tracks produce no sound during playback. I can hear the sounds with the speaker tool, and I can play the tracks in the pool. I’ve checked the routing several times, and it seems correct. There is no indication of track activity in the mixer. This also happens with bak versions of the same project. 12.04.

Any ideas?


Try to click the Deactivate All Mute States (even if it’s not enabled) in the MixConsole, please.

Thanks for your quick reply.

Deactivating mute states in the mixer did not solve the problem.

If you have plugins anywhere in the signal path, try disabling (alt-click) them. I’ve had plugins suddenly stop outputting sound because of a bug or a lost license.

Can you try duplicating the Event on an empty space so that it creates a new track automatically (Alt+drag) ?
As a result it should still not output any audio, if this is what I think.

Now try creating a new audio track manually, then drag or duplicate the problematic Event to it.
The track should now output the audio properly.

If it behaves exactly as above, then your track data / project file is corrupted, and there’s no way to recover it other than creating new tracks and copying all data manually (audio events, settings, inserts, automation, etc).

Turns out I had a plug-in that I hadn’t entered the registration after purchase. I wish I had received a warning before actively opening that particular plug-in.

Thanks for all the suggestions.