Half price Lexicon audio interfaces (UK)

Hi guys

I just ran into some bargains whilst looking for an audio interface for someone else.

How does this sound? A Lexicon IO82 8 in/2 out USB “desktop recording studio” for £189. Normally they’re in the region of £400 and you’d only get an IO22 for this price. I’ve placed my order already.

Also, there’s a Lexicon FW810S FireWire rack mount interface with 8 ins and 10 outs for £249.

The company’s called Studiocare and they’re in Liverpool. I rang them up to check, and these are the correct prices!

NB this is not an advert, just a heads-up for anyone who may be interested.

Very cool, Groovin DJ. Still I have heard many scary things about Lexicon interfaces running in Cubase, particularly the Alpha, Omega, and Lambda. These are much cheaper units and are known for bluescreening and instability issues in Cubase. The ones you mention are hopefully of better quality.

Really? That’s not very good, considering they all ship with Cubase (LE).

I’ll be using mine primarily with Ableton Live anyway. I have the Yamaha n12 for Cubase.

Hopefully yours is not one of the aforementioned models.

No - as stated, I’ve ordered the IO82.

The “someone else” mentioned just messaged me this morning saying he’s bought an Alpha (not half price) from eBay, so we’ll see how it goes. He’ll be using it with Ableton Live too.