Half rests in 3/4?

Yes, I know it’s incorrect, but I am copying an existing (old, long) manuscript and need to match it exactly… including half rests in 3/4 time.

I don’t think I’m missing any settings, but asking here to confirm. If not, I’ll use Force Duration, just hoping…

I’m pretty sure this is a Force Duration situation, sorry…

How consistent are they in where they appear in the bar? Would a [2+1]/4 time signature work, for example?

I thought about that, but they’re not consistent. :confused:

Force Duration it is! Not so difficult, just need to carefully find them all.

Don’t forget that you can alt-click one Forced rest to the place of another.

Also, just selecting the first crotchet rest, and pressing O 7 will make your minim rest.

For things like removing dotted eighth rests, just select the rest, and press O 5 to split the rest!

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