Half speed playback and snapshot automation

Been using PT for years now learning Nuendo 7, is there half speed playback command to make adding markers and automation so much eaiser. and glide to all automation and snap shot automation
also a smart tool instead of having to switch to the range selection tool

Already implemented for audio: Key Commands>Transport>Shuttle Play 1/2x

Does the video play at half speed and can you spot markers at the same time, read somewhere that you have to keep the keys held down so you can’t at markers at the same time

Video plays at half speed.

Yes, you have to hold the key down, and must release to add a marker. Of course you can have keystrokes assigned to those commands, and hold the one, release, tap the other, hold the first, ad infinitum.

There’s is a way to make it a bit more convenient, though not as fluid as you described the usage in Pro Tools.

Create a Key Commands macro, and bind it to a key stroke:
Transport>Insert Marker
Transport>Shuttle Play 1/2x

The result is upon pressing and holding down the key, a marker is created at the cursor location, then playback at 1/2 speed happens. Release and repeat for each marker.

but there is no automation in half-speed mode!
it would be really nice to have that. also with dolby atmos integration

yes, being able to use automation in half-speed mode would be really nice.

made a macro not usable stops playback instantly :cry:

Unfortunately shuttle play doesn’t work for MIDI, only audio. It would be awesome if it would do MIDI as well, for us clunky keyboardists who want to record our parts with decent results. Pro Tools has this using shift+space bar, it conveniently plays back at half speed, also lets you record and listen to any MIDI for accuracy when building busy and complicated parts. Steinberg please? :bulb: :question: