Half Time Marker not at the beginning of the system

Ok, I could use the workaround and just put it after a 32th note at the beginning of the new system.
But I wonder why a tempo change with numbers is shown as wished at the beginning of the new system but a tempo change without numbers like half notes = quarter notes is shown at the end of the previous system.

  1. It doesn’t make sense
  2. it doesn’t look good
  3. it’s difficult to sight-read
  4. if i have to use the workaround as described above, I have a little delay in playback…

A rhythmic equation is normally centered over the barline where it occurs. It makes sense to me. It’s positioned as a ‘warning’, like the courtesy meter change – different from a new tempo marking, which aligns with the first beat of the new tempo (or time sig, if any).

What about this doesn’t look good to you? Why do you think it’s difficult to read?

for me it’s like a new tempo. as a musician i somehow recognize things easier at the beginning of a new system - like meter change, new tempo, and so on…for me rhythmic equation also is a clear tempo-marking.

I have to disagree with you. Right before the next line is the exact right position for this kind of modulation. It’s very helpful to know that from that point on, the tempo will be exactly half as fast. It would be way too late on the next line.
Other tempo indications are different, because they don’t commit relations and they use words.

Gould says (p.185)

Centre the = sign of the equation over the barline, so that each note-value is clearly related to the bar above which it is placed.

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