Halft-time feel/halving durations

Hey there !

Just posted this in the FB group but I might get luckier here.

I got a section of say 32 bars in a score that’s written in 6/8 at 170 bpm and I want to turn those bars into 16 6/8 bars at 85bpm, therefore halving the note durations for all my score for that section.

What would be the quickest way (with insert mode I guess) without messing everything up ?
(there are actually other time signatures in my section and it’s not 32 bars but with a solution for this case I should be able to figure out the details haha)

Thanks in advance !


If there are no tuplets and you only have one voice per staff then (in insert mode) Write->Edit Duration → Halve Note Duration will work.

I suggest you change the colour of the notes you are halving to a nice bright yellow. Then when things don’t go as expected you will easily see where they ended up! Also it might make sense to do it in a number of smaller sections.

Good luck!