Halfway There(WIP)

I’m on vacation this week and it’s my birthday tomorrow so I thought I would share something new from this weekend. It’s a work in progress, I need to add a guitar solo at the end, mix the material(right now it’s raw), yadda yadda yadda! There’s no automation, lead parts are noisy, etc. but I hope you enjoy it anyways :smiley:


Thanks for listening! I’m still running Cubase 10 Pro on a Win 7 Ultimate build but it rocks! In the last year and a half it’s frozen up on me once and that was operator error :unamused:

Thanks again,

I appreciated your track Bill,

There are big jumps from a section to another, I suggest you add smoother transitions, but the idea to mix many genres into the same song is original and I overall enjoyed your nice song

It does jump around, but it always comes back. It’s really thick! Choirs, orchestras, on top of a basic prog-rock band. Sounds sometimes like Yes, Rush, Genesis. Are you a fan of Gong? And btw, Happy Birthday! In your further mixing, I’d suggest trying to thin it out from time to time, so you can make the drums clearer and punchier. Guitar sounds good.

Win 7 was rock solid for me too, but I gave in and went to Win 10. On my new computer, it’s been really great with Cubase 10, so no looking back. Haven’t had a single issue with Cubase 10 on Win 10.

Keep them coming!