HALion 1,2,3 > HALion 5 update

I am glad to hear you got it sorted!

HALion may appear complicated at first glance, but believe me, once you get to grips with it, it is quite easy and intuitive. It is so easy to customize the views, that you don’t have to use portions of the program if you don’t want to and can only have visible what you do want to focus on. It is all very streamlined and you will be whipping around in no time. I am the worst when it comes to adapting to things that look overly daunting at first glance, but even I can handle HALion 5 with ease and I am all the better for it. It is the best piece of software I have had in many, many years, next to Cubase 7. If you have any questions, or need some assistance, I would be more than willing to help out. I may not be super pro or anything, but if I can help I will.

Best of luck and have fun with HALion 5!

H5 looks beautiful especially in standalone.

I went from the included SE version to H5, by using the license upgrade option with my C6 box.
$99 for full version Sonic, which includes free upgrade to Sonic 2. I could have stopped right there and had 2 for $99.

Its a little confusing and hidden imo, but taking the right path can save you a little money (and time, if you install the demo from disc, you can upgrade all the way with downloads).

Can anyone please provide some info on how to actually get the update from Halion 1 to Halion 5? It says in the press release to contact Steinberg via the support form in MySteinberg, but there IS NO support form there. And, of course, no email address to contact Steinberg. Why on Earth do they say that this Upgrade can be purchased by contacting them when there is absolutely no way to contact them?

I could, of course, just use a free, downloaded, cracked version. But preferring to be honest I thought I would give Steinberg the chance to make some Money on their own Product…

Considering HALion 5 isn’t cracked, you won’t have much luck there I’m afraid! :wink:

Contact the mod who started this thread and he will sort you out. Others on here have done the same, successfully.

Best of luck!

I started trying to get my Halion 2 to 5 update in August from the Canadian Yamaha dealer. I finally got it last week at the end of October. It takes some patience.

However they always answered my emails so I’m not sure what the situation is with your dealer.

I am in Australia and have Halion 3. Despite emails to local distributor (Yamaha Australia), and enquiries through local dealers, I am having no luck getting update to Halion 5. Yamaha says it’s not available. Can Steinberg head office help please, perhaps provide direct link and payment method?

I have tried to PM Mathias on this issue (upgrade from Halion 3 to Halion 5 in Australia) and the PM is sitting in my outbox. Is there a restriction on new members sending PMs? Or have a just missed a button I should be pressing to send it? Thanks

It won’t show up in the Sent until the recipient reads it.
Maybe on Monday?

I got the same thing. Posted three times at mySteinberg. No response. Sent now a message to Matthias. Lets see.
Just want to upgrade from Halion 1 to 5.

Same thing here. If anybody receives a response from Steinberg, it would be nice to know.

Hi everyone,

All of you who are still waiting for a reply from the support (or from me…), please send me a PM with your email and the info which update you would like to have.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

Received a timely response to my inquiry about the update. However, since replying that I wanted the upgrade from 3 to 5, nothing. Unable to PM you Matthias.

I used the support form via MySteinberg account and got my update link within 24h.

I´ve never ordered a boxed product from steinberg before. Does anyone know how they are delivered? UPS is a big No No for me.
I would rather have an option to download. Is this possible?

Hi, I would like to upgrade my HaLion 3 to v.5. I have found info that I should ask for it via support on www.steinberg.de website but when I dig into its content I find only that I should ask my local dealer (in Poland). So I did… and they told me to contact Steinberg directly… what shall I do???
I know the price - 149 Euro. I am willing to purchase this software but how am I suppose to do it???
Please give me a hint, or better link for download and the info where to send money?

Hi Matthias

I am hoping to be able to update my copy of Halion 3 to Halion 5, is this still possible for me to do? I did try to contact support some days ago but I have not had any reply. Any help you can give me would be much appreciated.


Hmmm. Did this ever get answered? There doesn’t seem to be any path on the Steinberg site…is there any sort of upgrade path?

So I wonder if H6 is on the horizon then? :slight_smile:

This is definitely no hint of H6 coming soon. The Steinberg shop never offered an upgrade from Halion 1/2/3 to H5, you were always supposed to contact Steinberg’s support through your “MySteinberg” account as explained in the first post.

You will have to get in touch with Steinberg about this. I know they will deal with the sale of the license behind the scenes, as the store front itself does not allow a direct purchase upgrade from HALion 1-3, to 5, so it must be done manually in the background. At that point, you will be given the appropriate download link which will have everything you need. Obviously, coming from any HALion version prior to 4, will mean you will need to download all content that comes with 4/5, so I am sure you will be given a corresponding link to obtain such an upgrade.

Hi Guys. I hope this is a relevant post.
I just dusted out my old HALION 1 softsampler .
Tried installing it into my windows 10 laptop. The message says it was sucessfully installed. But i CANNOT see it any on my hard drive or even in my DAW.

Am I doing something that cant be done OR is there simple solution to my problem ?

thanks in advance.