Halion 1 vs Halion Sonic SE differences?

I just upgraded to C6 and learned of the new Halion Sonic SE. When producing, in the past I had always simply loaded a virtual instrument via the “vst instruments”. Now, I notice that Halion Sonic SE is not a part of the vst instruments, but rather, I have to load it via the media bay. Not a big deal, I’m just a little confused.

What is the difference between Halion one and Halion Sonic SE? Are they both not virtual instruments, or does C6 treat Halion Sonic SE differently?


HO was left in C6 to keep people upgrading from C4/5 to C6 from having issues with projects started in them by allowing existing HO patches to be loaded. It seems though you can’t load pretty much anything else into it though if you call up a new instance.
HSse is the ‘successor’ to it… personally i’m not upset to see the back of HO… never was a huge fan of it anyway!
With HSse you get the ability to load up to 16 (IIRC) patches simultaneously and the ability to load multiple instances too… great way of using up all that RAM you can shove in a 64Bit machine! HSse is a fair bit more configurable and tweak-able than HO too which IMHO can only be a good thing.

I do wonder though why Halion Sse doesn’t show up in the “vst instruments”? It only can be loaded from the media bay. No big deal really, just curious.

Sorry, what are “IIRC patches” ?


IIRC - If I Remember Correctly…

When you select a VSTi, do you have a choice that just says “synths” with an arrow to the right that expands into more choices? This is where HALion Sonic SE is on my system. It is VST 3.0 (or 3.5, I don’t really know) so it should “register” itself with Cubase when it is installed. If it doesn’t, you may need to reinstall it.

I’ll have to check and see. All I can remember is that whenever I select VSTi’s, a drop down appears for me to “select” an instrument. When I left click there, all of my VSTi’s appear, and Sonic Halion se is not one of them. Halion 1 is.

Again, Halion Sonic Se appears in the media bay, from there I can choose and double click and it then puts it into the project.

Got it! Just wasn’t used to it being under the “synths” tab.

Now, can someone let me know if I’m able to load one instance of Sonic se, and then load multiple sounds and consequently route them through different midi channels?

I will experiment with this later tonight. I had a session this morning, and had to load separate instances of sonic se for different instruments, which of course begins to tax the cpu. I know I can do the above with Kontakt, just wondering if it can be done with Halion se.


Yes you can load multiple patches with unique channels


Maybe this can help :

go to this link because the image is up to 700 pixels wide


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You have to load HALion Sonic SE in the Instrument rack and use MIDI tracks. Make sure you activate the extra outputs from the instrument rack.

Thank you matjones !

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