Halion 2 is not accessible under VST instrument list

I am using three VSTs in a project - Synth VB1.Halion Player and Halion 2 (sampler). I wish to add insert effects to all three say for example reverb. The first two appear in the track list and then appear in the VST instrument list and also appear in the track mixer. In the VST instrument list I have the slots into which I can put effects. With VB1 I have a channel called VB1-1 into which to put effects, with Halion Player I have the sub-divisions Hal S1 Hal S2 etc. That’s fine.

BUT with Halion I get no option to put in an effect in the track list under VST instruments. All I get under VST instruments is a main folder called Halion – I expand this and I get another folder called Halion and a sub track called Halion but there is nothing in any of these. PLEASE see attached jpeg (although there is a plus sign in the last reference to haion it won’t expand further). When I play the Halion track it plays OK but there is no sign of activity under the VST instrument Halion folders and I cannot therefore add reverb here. How do I get it to appear under VST instruments like the other VSTs.

I have a feeling there is something simple I have not done. Can anyone help, please? I can get round it because it is available if I use the mixer to call up the relevant slots but there are disadvantages to this.
VST Istruments.jpg