Halion 2 to Halion 4 Upgrade price please

I don’t have any disk “sets” now though, I only have one install disk. Could you send me replacement disks for the ones I don’t have and I’ll send them back with the form? :confused:


I sent a support request on Wednesday, what’s the average turnaround time for replies at the moment?

Did you send it via the support request form and did you get an automatic email confirmation? Because I cannot find an email from you - at least under the email address you usually use in MySteinberg.

Hi, thanks for the reply. Yes, I sent the request with this form…


The Type of Support Request I used was General Enquiry because the Select Product dropdown when I chose Support Request on Registered Product only contained Cubase 4 and 2 Cubase LEs. Everything else is visible however in MySteinberg > Products > Show Registered Products > Registered Products with Serial Numbers.

I did not receive any confirmation emails. I actually sent two requests, the second being a follow up because I realised that you had an old address for me after sending the first support form. I changed it and sent another request explaining.

No confirmation emails. I just sent another request just now (3rd) and no confirmation email has arrived either. I am confirming the support request on the follow up knowledge base page by clicking the button at the bottom too.

You have my correct e-mail.

In the subject field I have a habit of doing this: “Subject subject…” with a series of full stops. I shouldn’t matter, but stranger things had happened at sea. Something else is that the email is inbox.com and I know that there is some barring for spam reasons of these domains, again it shouldn’t matter but all info is good info.

Anyway cheers for sticking with this.

I received the “Steinberg Support Request Received!” autoresponse for that last one today at 1:24pm.

This time, we received the request and you should already have an email response.