HAlion-3 crashes constantly!

I bought HALion-3 about two months ago, since then I’ve updated Cubase’s drivers and updates when requested in the HUD. I also upgraded Cubase itself to Elements 9.5.
After the first few crashes I searched this forum for possible causes. Because the crashes became more frequently I submitted a ticket to Steinberg on 10-6. I got conformation in my e-mail and I would be contacted within a few days.
Until now I didn’t get any response. It’s been a month now since I reported the error.

Al tough I’m a very patient guy I’m getting a bit frustrated. Before you jump into conclusions about this post I’d like you to take a look at the attachment I’ve included. As you can see I got over 30 crashed in the last few days (and this list goes on).

I have a I7-7700 CPU with 16GB of Ram, I use a Geforce Gtx1060 6GB Gpu and SSD-hard disks. When I close Cubase I also let the program take the time to close any processes that are running.
I also uninstalled (using DDU) the latest NVidia driver because it gave my problems with other applications.

I hope someone can tell me the magic trick and get me going again.

I decided to uninstall / delete HALion-3 which solved the problem permanently!

The Ticket I’d send to Steinberg was answered in October. Although I provided all the information the support technician asked for I got no solution to solve the problem. Even a simple question about the amount of instruments that should be present wasn’t answered. After more than 25 reactions I didn’t reply anymore.

The solutions that were provided were: deactivate Hyper-threading, install the latest graphic drivers an reinstall HALion (again).
I also got the offer to upgrade to HALion-6 for a special price! Even when it was totally free I wouldn’t want this plugin on my Pc.

I decided never to buy any addons or upgrade again and to focus on buying FL-Studio.
I feel sorry for the few dedicated technicians who work very hard to help as many users as they can but the Steinberg Management is showing ‘Facebook-like’ developments. In case of trouble they direct you to the community to scroll through the various solution provided by Cubase users.